BridgeCrowd provides reassurance to investors

Jake Carter

March 23, 2020

BridgeCrowd has announced that it will remain open for business and is in a position to continue to pay investors amidst coronavirus.

It outlines that it is in an “extremely strong position to navigate and perform well in the short and long-term.”

Louis Alexander, managing director at BridgeCrowd, said: “Our track-record of eight years of stable growth, and 100% recovery rate is excellent.

“This is due to our conservative and sensible lending criteria.

“Now, as always, our absolute priority as a business is to keep investments safe and ensure our clients are supported during this time.

“We are using the same precise, methodical and knowledgeable recovery policy we are known for and applying it to this new and highly dynamic business context.

“As surveyors, solicitors and banks naturally slow down; this will have a knock on effect and we anticipate a slow-down in loan redemptions.

“However, our underlying loans are tied to the property market which has been robust in times like this and one which investors have profited from over the years.

“Our strategy is – and has always been – to provide our investors with the safest possible return and to plan and protect for long-term stability.”

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