Bright Grey’s CI claims payment up

Nia Williams

February 25, 2010

The youngest claimant was 24 years old. The average age of critical illness claimants is 42 for men and 41 for women and 75% of critical illness claims were for cancer.

Roger Edwards, proposition director at Bright Grey said: “It’s very pleasing to see such a high claims paid figure which helps generate a massive confidence in Bright Grey with advisers and their clients.

“However, we’re well aware that our claims data tells only part of the story and that it’s really important we continue to differentiate ourselves by providing the best experience at the point of claim. It’s a traumatic time – a time when we’re needed most, so it’s vital that advisers consider this aspect and how providers measure up before they make a recommendation.”

One element of Bright Grey’s proposition that helps with ths is its Helping Hand service. All customers are contacted by RED ARC nurses at the time of their claim and the value of that support is so valuable that 97% use it. In fact many claimants consider the emotional support they received through the service meant as much to them as their financial payout.

One supporter of Helping Hand is IFA David Clark, who discovered the benefit of choosing Bright Grey first hand when his son James was diagnosed with testicular cancer a year ago.

“I’ve got a huge respect and gratitude for the service the NHS provided, they were brilliant. However once James had been discharged there was no one to talk to and he would have been on his own until his next three month appointment. Fortunately Bright Grey’s Helping Hand service meant there was personal support from a dedicated RED ARC nurse to provide answers and reassurance whenever it was needed.”

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