Brightstar joins the MMA

Jessica Nangle

February 4, 2021

Brightstar Financial has joined the Mortgage Market Alliance (MMA).

The MMA launched in 2020 to provide a collaborative voice for the mortgage and property finance industry to help promote the availability of lending and the value of professional advice.

The alliance focuses on communicating to customers that the lending market is open for business, has a strong appetite to lend, is increasing its reach and is highly competitive.

As a call to action, customers are encouraged to seek professional, independent advice as the best way to access the most appropriate options for their circumstances.

Michelle Westley (pictured), head of marketing at Brightstar Financial, said: “Joining the Mortgage Market Alliance was a natural choice for Brightstar as we have campaigned for years about the diverse options available for consumers and the importance of professional advice.

“By collaborating with other businesses, we will have a louder voice and will hopefully help even more consumers to access the most appropriate lending for their circumstances and objectives.”

Rob Griffiths, director of the Mortgage Market Alliance, said: “I’d like to welcome Brightstar Financial as the latest member of the MMA.

“There are so many opportunities for consumers to access the lending they need in the specialist mortgage market, but the sector is still relatively unknown outside of the industry.

“We are looking forward to working together to raise awareness and understanding about the available options and the importance of professional advice.”

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