Brightstar launches a Clear Your Desks Friday webinar

Michael Lloyd

September 10, 2018

Brightstar Financial is inviting brokers to clear their desks of problem cases this Friday, with the launch of its first Clear Your Desks Friday online webinar.

The workshop will give brokers the opportunity to speak to an expert panel of lenders covering residential, buy-to-let, second charge mortgages, bridging and commercial finance and is being held in partnership with Secure Trust Bank, United Trust Bank, One Savings Bank, mtf and Amicus.

Michelle Westley, head of marketing at Brightstar Financial, said: “Nowadays, there’s no excuse for difficult cases to linger on a broker’s desk as competition is rife in the specialist market and lenders are hungry to lend.

“So, if you are struggling with a problem case, take part in our webinar at the end of this week and you could find that you clear your desk this Friday.

“Clear Your Desk Friday, is just one of a programme of webinars we are running at Brightstar this autumn.

“There is so much opportunity for brokers to find solutions for a diverse range of client circumstances, but the market is ever changing. So, if you need guidance in finding the right product for your client, speak to Brightstar and we can show you the way.”

Clear Your Desk Friday is the latest in a series of webinars for brokers who want to make the most of the current opportunity presented by the specialist market.

Next Wednesday, 19 September, Laura Sneddon from The Mortgage Lender is presenting a buy-to-let masterclass in limited company lending.

And on Thursday 27 September, Thomas Webster from Sentry Lifetime, which is Brightstar’s official partner for later life lending solutions, will present an introduction to later life lending.

In October, Buster Tolfree from United Trust Bank will present a masterclass in second charge mortgages on Thursday 4 and Mark Whitear will talk about how Kensington Mortgages can help brokers on Thursday 11.

On Thursday 18 October, Simon Wilson from Bluestone Mortgages will talk about the solutions offered by the lender and on Thursday 25 October, Roger Morris from Precise will lead a masterclass in buy-to-let taxation and top slicing.

Then, on Wednesday 7 November, Owen Bentley from Precise will present  a masterclass in bridging finance.

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