Bristol pornhub plans rejected

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July 28, 2016

Plans for a change of use of a former porn studio to a house of multiple occupancy have been rejected by Bristol Council. 

The Bristol Post reported that plans were in place to convert the disused smut hut into a HMO plus block which could house around 40 people.

However residents raised concerns that the property would become a magnet for transient workers and would be worse for the community.

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As such Bristol City Council was hard on developer Mike Hobbins  and they rejected due to fears it could leave what is a residential family area limp with disappointment.

The Bristol Post reported the Council as having said:  “The proposed development, being located within an established residential community, comprising a large proportion of family housing, would be harmful to the area’s residential character and social cohesion.”

The studio had been run by Phil Barry, the husband of adult film star Cathy Barry, but residents were quick to beat off the plans claiming it would ‘bludgeon the neighbourhood to death’.

Hobbins had suggested putting 20 doubles rooms into the building, offering six-month contracts with fixed rent costs, including bills and refered to it as a way of ‘solving the housing crisis in Bristol’.


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