Brits concerned about the quality of new build homes

Michael Lloyd

August 14, 2018

Nearly a quarter (24%) of people considered a lack of quality of build to be a major disadvantage of buying a new build home over an older property, residential warranty and commercial latent defects insurer, BLP Insurance has found.

People living in the north of England (29%) were more likely to view a lack of quality of construction as a major disadvantage of new build homes compared to those people living in London and the south east (21%).

Kim Vernau, chief executive of BLP Insurance, said: “Poor build quality is an increasing issue in the UK housing market.

“As developers attempt to meet the high levels of demand for new homes, practical design and quality is being compromised.

“As more and more buyers become aware of the issues that poor quality of build gives rise to, all parties involved in the construction of new homes will have to respond, taking greater responsibility and ensuring quality of the build process going forward.”

Other disadvantages of new builds identified by included lack of character (26%), the size of rooms (24%), and price (21%).

Those aged 16-24 saw cost (32%) as the biggest disadvantage of buying a new build home, while people over the age of 55 thought cost (18%) was the least important factor, with the lack of character (30%) the principal drawback of buying a new build.

Some 29% did not believe there were any benefits in purchasing a new build home and those over 55 were especially sceptical about the advantages (41%).

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