Broker Conveyancing launch January tablet giveaway

Robyn Hall

January 5, 2016

During January every broker using Broker Conveyancing to instruct one of its panel of solicitors firms will be entered into a daily prize draw to win a tablet computer.

A tablet will be given away on every working day of the month between the 4th and the 29th, meaning broker users of Broker Conveyancing have a chance to win one of 20 tablets.

Instructions received between the 1st and the 3rd of the month were included in yesterday’s 4th January draw. Other weekend instructions will be included in the Friday draws.

Harpal Singh, managing director of Broker Conveyancing, said: “Our annual January tablet giveaway is Broker Conveyancing’s own version of the ‘January Sale’, which means all existing and newly registered users who submit an instruction during the month, will be entered into the prize draw for that day.

“Over the course of January, we’ll therefore be giving away 20 tablet computers for our users who have access to our top-range conveyancing services delivered by a formidable panel of solicitors firms.

“The first quarter of 2016 looks set to be particularly busy for all market stakeholders with buy-to-let landlords and second home purchasers seeking to beat the increased stamp duty charges which will kick in from the beginning of April.

“In this type of marketplace it is absolutely vital that mortgage advisers have control of the conveyancing requirements of their clients, which is why we would urge all brokers to make sure they provide the advice and recommendation, rather than allow the client to use a local, family or high-street firm that might not be up to the job.

“The start of the year is always an exciting time and we are looking forward to the year ahead and to growing the business through our valued broker customers.”

Broker Conveyancing was launched in 2012 to meet the specific conveyancing needs of brokers and their clients.

The proposition has a number of features including low panel fees, payment on exchange, an all-inclusive fee structure, ‘no completion – no fee’ arrangement, and ‘fall through protection’ on searches.

Register at https://www.brokerconveyancing.co.uk/register.aspx.

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