Broker left without a pot to…

Jessica Nangle

February 10, 2017

It is with a heavy heart that we announce Daniel Pratap mortgage broker turned potter was booted off The Great Pottery Throw Down on BBC Two last night.

The Farnborough native’s hopes to become Top Potter came to a halt after he was booted off yesterday’s episode, meaning our dream of a mortgage pro winning the competition remains just that.

The second series of The Great Pottery Throw Down returned to BBC Two this month, a show which sees 10 nationwide amateur potters battle it out in a bid to be named Top Potter.

Pratap has been in the UK mortgage business for over 30 years after moving from Sydney to Southampton at the age of three. It was a teacher at a Southampton based school which he claimed gave him the inspiration to take up pottery.

You can catch up on the other contestant’s pottery journeys on BBC iPlayer and regularly catch it on Thursdays at 8pm, BBC Two.

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