Broker Mosaic launches

Amanda Jarvis

February 1, 2006

Through the forum, brokers will be able to raise issues and debate them with other brokers from all over the country.

Mortgage brokers will also be able to seek information and assistance from other mortgage community members and forum partners.

Broker Mosaic is also supported by solicitors, chartered surveyors, compliance consultants, commercial mortgage and secured loan broker firms, who may be able to assist with specialist knowledge from their respective fields of expertise.

Alan Howle, spokesman for Broker Mosaic said “We now live in a regulated environment and although the mortgage broker community has AMI to represent it in the counsels of the great and the good, there is no doubt that there are many issues that AMI may not have the time nor inclination to address. ARs have their networks and lenders have fallen over themselves to provide higher procuration fees than those available to DA firms. This is not a subject that has attracted much attention, possibly because the AMI board has mainly consisted of representatives of large networks.”

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