Broker set for dapper French marathon

Mortgage Introducer

September 3, 2015

Phil Mabb, who is a South West London-based property finance broker, will don a bow tie for the theme ‘dressed to the nines’.

He said: “It’s my favourite marathon – they serve wine at 22 stops and there’s a party afterwards.

“A lot of people don’t finish because they drink too much or get distracted.

“That won’t happen to me, but when you’ve got wine that most people can’t afford you’ve got to take the opportunity to have a thimble, or three.”

Mabb is a keen marathon runner, having run his first in 1994 – not that he’s obsessed with training for the 26.2 miles or anything.

He added: “I enjoy marathons but I don’t really train to finish in a fast time though I’m built like a rugby player and age has taken its toll.

“If you make it easy it’s not as rewarding!”

Mabb has to finish the marathon in 6 ½ hours to claim a medal from the event – and importantly a bottle of classy Fifth Growth wine.

Mabb has set up a JustGiving page with a £2,500 target for Epilepsy Action, which raises money for researching epilepsy treatments: https://www.justgiving.com/PhilMabbMedoc/

His mother suffered from epilepsy for 20 years so he wanted to put some money back into the system.

He explained: “My mother had blackouts where you’d talk to her and the lights would go out.

“She had a brain surgery, it cleared it all up for four years and then she had a bad relapse.

“Cancer research gets massive exposure but epilepsy doesn’t have the same profile.

“I wanted to give something for the support my mother’s been provided with over the years.”

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