BrokerMosaic.com offers free client data system

Ramesh Sharma

February 25, 2006

The online mortgage community forum has designed the free software ‘Key it 1’ to help brokers manage all their client data in one place. Beginning with a factfind, which includes an affordability calculator, it allows export of data to Trigold and Paymentshield together with agreements-in-principle (AIPs) for secured loans, buy-to-let, commercial loans and difficult to place residential cases at the touch of a button.

‘Key it 1’ produces demands and needs letters for both advised and non-advised sales together with a remote back-up facility for all client data.

Alan Howle, spokesman for BrokerMosaic.com, said: “We wanted to share this facility with interested mortgage brokers as part of our campaign to establish a better deal for directly authorised (DA) brokers. ‘Key it 1’ has been developed and used by real mortgage brokers, so it does what it says on the tin. As DA brokers we are all responsible for our advice and record-keeping. ‘Key it 1’ will help any mortgage firm ensure they keep ahead in this vital area.”

Mike Davies, technical director of Mortgage Compliance Services, said: “For many firms the requirement to evidence advice can only be achieved by labour intensive manual filing systems or by using the compliance services attached to the various sourcing systems. ‘Key it 1’ provides a robust compliance solution at no cost and we are happy to recommend it to our clients as an answer to their data retention needs.

“Our clients will also be attracted by the online AIP facility as a very attractive alternative to the usual lengthy phone calls when attempting to introduce non-core business to an expert provider.”

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