Brokers call for cross party approach to housing

Michael Lloyd

January 6, 2020

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Housing and infrastructure need a long-term strategy and a cross party approach, brokers have claimed.

Payam Azadi, director of Niche Advice, said that no matter which political party has been elected housing has always been something promised and not kept to.

He said: “When it comes to a track record in housing it’s been abysmal, with promises made and broken.

“Let’s hope we can get stability out of the new government.

“The problem is you need stability in people who are promising, a Housing Minister who formulates a plan and who is around to enforce that plan.

“So many Housing Ministers have talked a good game and then they’ve been gone.

“Housing and infrastructure are vital but not for a four, five year cycle.

“There needs to be a systematic approach when it comes to housing.

“I think they are cross party issues that the parties need to work together to solve.

“We will be competing with the world and we need to have those two issues solved if we want the world to invest in us.

“You need good infrastructure and a long-term housing strategy, rather than a Housing Minister here for a year.

“Infrastructure and housing are long-term issues that need to be dealt with.

“We now have to think Britain needs to position itself as a global leader to attract wealth and the brightest people.

“To have that you need a long-term strategy around infrastructure and housing because you won’t attract these people if they don’t have somewhere to live.”

Azadi argues that the country needs a long-term strategy to increase confidence.

He added: “All we want is security and a long-term vision.

“We want a sustainable long-term vision from housebuilders and the renting sector and long-term funding structure for the lenders.

“You want stability to work and plan for the sector.”

Hemat Natha, director of Mortgage Advice Point, said there needs to be a cross party approach and the government needs to cut the red tape out of the planning process.

Natha said: “It’s all to do with red tape and bureaucracy.

“There should be a committee for planning and housing.

“The government’s affordable homes are not really affordable for people on the lower end of the pay scale.

“A cross party approach would help.

“Incentives to invest in building more would help and the time taken from concept to completion needs cutting down.

“Planning departments are well under resourced and that’s part of the problem.

“There is appetite to invest.”

Nadir Darediya, mortgage and protection specialist at Perfect Financial Services, added: “There should be more affordable housing built, not by private builders but by the government so it can be truly affordable.”

Martin Stewart, director of The Money Group, agreed that housing needs a long-term strategy and a cross party approach.

He said housing also needs a culture change alongside in order to make meaningful changes.

Stewart said: “I have read nothing over the past two weeks except mainstream media articles about who won and who lost in terms of house prices and where to invest for the future.

“A dilution of the greed element within the housing sector will go a long way to making a housing market that is sustainable both now and in the future and if people really do want a long-term plan that surely has to be the best type of one.”

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