Brokers could grow self-employed business

Nia Williams

November 15, 2011

The lender asked 680 mortgage intermediaries how many self-employed clients they saw each month before calculating the average to be 6.1 enquiries.

This means that mortgage intermediaries have the opportunity to place, on average, over 70 self-employed mortgages each year.

Charles Morley, head of sales at Kensington, said: “Self-employed clients provide excellent opportunities for mortgage intermediaries to prove their worth and grow their business.

“High street lenders are often unable to consider the more complex circumstances of a customer who owns their own business, but intermediaries have access to lenders, like Kensington, that are able to take an intelligent approach, with decisions made by experienced underwriters.

“And, with the average intermediary receiving more than 70 enquiries each year from people who consider themselves to be self-employed, being able to find the right mortgage for these clients could prove a real boost for business in a challenging trading environment.”

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