Brokers Promised personal underwriter

Sarah Davidson

April 15, 2015

They will come to action when the broker keys in a case to Loan Brain, while brokers will also be able to get in contact to work together on the case.

Steve Walker, managing director of Promise Solutions said: “Even if a broker doesn’t call us, the underwriter reviews each enquiry and can use his experience to override the technology and ensure no mistakes are made or opportunities missed.

“Active Manager can give brokers peace of mind as well as helping them to win more business by ensuring they are making the best recommendations.”

Brokers will no longer need to keep paper files as they can save every enquiry; helping them adhere to the FCA’s clear desk policy.

In one minute brokers can get quotes before printing them or saving them to PDF. Promise underwriters can also email the quotes in seconds following a conversation or receipt of a DIP form.

Walker added: “I think brokers will find it impossible to offer secured loans in the future without the use of a good sourcing and compliance system however, technology moves quickly and simple sourcing systems are no longer enough.

“By incorporating Active Manager into our Loan Brain sourcing system we are giving our brokers a whole host of added value and services.”

Active Manager is available free to all brokers who source secured loans using Loan Brain either via Promise or through other networks and mortgage clubs.

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