Brokers surveyed on mortgage business prospects

Nia Williams

April 1, 2010

Of this number, 26.7% were very optimistic with 41.0% being fairly optimistic. Only 13.3% – less than 1 in 6 – were pessimistic about their prospects for mortgage business this year.

The poll, which was conducted amongst those brokers that had attended one of the lender’s Forum events over the last three years, also found that brokers believe remortgages will be the most buoyant sector in 2010. Nearly half (49.5%) felt that it offered the best prospects followed closely by home movers (47.5%) and first-time buyers (43.4%). The buy-to-let market was seen by 28.3 % as offering good prospects with offset mortgages (14.1%) and shared equity scheme business (10.1%) being seen as sectors to watch this year.

The survey revealed that the top three client types that mortgage intermediaries will be targeting in the next three months are second-time buyers (67.6%), first-time buyers (59.0%) and buy-to-let investors (33.3%). Next came couples separating (24.8%) and family expanders (22.9%).

Graham Felstead, head of intermediary channel, NatWest Intermediary Solutions, said: “It appears that the majority of brokers feel that the worst of the market conditions are behind us and that they can start to look forward to the next couple of years with a good deal more optimism. With confidence slowly returning to the housing market there is an expectation that those homeowners who have had a desire to move will do so this year, hence the focus by brokers on second-time buyers.

“With Government initiatives such as the Kickstart programme and the continued funding for the HomeBuy Direct shared equity scheme, it’s unsurprising that brokers will look to target first-time buyers this year.”

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