Brokers use Paymentshield toolkit to repair bottom line

Nia Williams

November 25, 2008

This is evidenced by the numbers of advisers that are using Paymentshield’s Cross Selling Toolkit

The Toolkit takes intermediaries through each step of running a successful cross selling campaign, ultimately helping build bottom line profits.

It contains a range of material ranging from a campaign planner to cross sell letters, sales aids, telephone hints and tips and an objection handling guide.

The online Toolkit went live on 14 Oct and there was a remarkable 4,393 visits to the toolkit page specifically and 2,403 unique viewers of the page between launch and the end of October.

Paymentshield Head of Marketing Sandy McPherson said: “We always suspected that there was a pent up demand for a simple easy to use campaign tool that would allow brokers to tap in to the GI cross sell market without them having to go through the pain of reinventing the wheel and learning best practice.

“We also knew that given the current economic climate that if we helped brokers understand the cross sell process, and made it as easy for them to run campaigns, then sales would follow and brokers would secure additional general insurance commission income which would go some way to substituting for the fall-off in mortgage proc fees.

“But even we have been surprised at just how popular our toolkit is proving to be. It was recently ranked third for online organic search for Cross Sales in Google demonstrating the demand for information about the toolkit from advisers.”

Oakwood Mortgage Brokers is one operation to have taken advantage of the online toolkit. Oakwood partner Simon Hudson said: “Developing the campaign was very straightforward and we were absolutely delighted with the conversion rate, to date some 25% of those customers we targeted have bought from us.

“Not only have we generated additional income for our business but we have also made sure that these customers have the protection they need in place, so it is a ‘win win’ situation.”

McPherson added: “This initiative is all about helping intermediaries cope with the downturn in the mortgage market. The old cliché is even truer now ‘if you don’t look after your customer someone else will’ and the Marketing Toolkit helps brokers ensure that they are best placed to look after the financial needs of their existing clients.”

The material is available in hard copy as well as in downloadable format from the Paymentshield website.

Details of the Paymentshield Broker Toolkit can be found at http://www.paymentshield.co.uk/intermediary/toolkit. Appointed Representatives of a network that are interested should contact their principal firm.

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