Brokers want lenders to improve scan and attach

Ryan Bembridge

April 20, 2018

Mortgage brokers want lenders to improve their scan and attach services, IRESS’s intermediary mortgage survey report for 2018 found.

While nine in 10 (89%) lenders provide scan and attach at a point of sale, two in five (42%) don’t allow proof documents to be uploaded as an image via a smartphone or tablet.

Henry Woodcock, principal mortgage consultant at IRESS, summarised the issues brokers are having.

He said: “All the big lenders seem to have scan and attach; some small ones don’t.

“Some are allowing mobile uploads and some still aren’t.

“Some of those that are allowing it aren’t providing enough bandwidth.”

He added: “One simple thing that came out of the survey that frustrates intermediaries is when you scan and attach you have to send a second document to certify the first document.

“Some lenders have a tickbox you can use which is a better system.”

The survey also found that four in five (80%) lenders offer real-time case tracking but over half (56%) of intermediaries have to make between four and 10 calls per application.

And seven in 10 (69%) lenders are optimising portals for use on mobile devices, yet a third (35%) of intermediaries want portals in general to be easier to use.

Woodcock said: “We need to join the market up so you do not have to rekey things.

“That is certainly an area that IRESS has been involved in – it’s moved up the table as something people want.

“There is still a feeling amongst the intermediary community that the functionality is there but it’s not joined up.

“Quite a high percentage of brokers have to phone six times or more for every case.”

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