BTL investors urged to consider green houses

Ramesh Sharma

June 1, 2004

The study went on to suggest tenant turnover would be cut as would operational and maintenance costs for the property.

The RICS study, which examined buildings in North America and the UK, showed more landlords in the UK should consider the benefits of a ‘green property.’ It also called for the need for more environmentally-friendly buildings to be built in order to maximise profit margins.

RICS chief executive Louis Armstrong said: “40 per cent of carbon emissions come from buildings. Finding incentives to make them ‘greener’ in design and operation is critical.”

Armstrong went on to suggest that the market value of the property could be greatly enhanced by its environmental friendliness. He said: “This research shows that the interests of business and the environment can converge.

The property and construction industries have a leading role to play in tackling climate change. This work shows that achieving real environmental benefits can also be profitable.”

RICS further revealed that green properties could attract subsidiaries and grants in relation to energy stewardship, in addition to improving water and energy efficiency for the household.

The organisation has also called for the financial sector and the green building lobby to work together to ensure ‘green properties’ become an increasingly popular choice among homebuyers and property landlords.

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