Buckinghamshire adds impaired credit range

Jake Carter

October 5, 2021

credit score rent recognition

Buckinghamshire Building Society has launched its Bucks Solutions Portfolio, to provide extended support to those who have experienced credit issues in the past, or who are finding it challenging to secure a mortgage.

The products use a credit matrix structure which allows the lender to offer a range of rates and loan-to-values (LTVs), based on individual circumstances.

Gerard O’Keeffe, chief executive of Buckinghamshire Building Society, said: “This approach allows additional flexibility to further support those people with varying levels of credit blips, allowing the rates and LTV they are offered to be reflective of their level of impaired credit and most suitable for their individual circumstances.

“We pride ourselves on the flexible approach we take to those with small credit issues, and these new products in particular continue to build on our ethos of giving back, by directly helping those most in need of support to owning their own home.

“Whatever the circumstances we will look for a solution and our flexible approach to underwriting supports that.

“We are dedicated to supporting people on the journey to owning their own home.

“We know that people need great value now, more than ever, and we are delighted to be able to offer these new products to give additional flexibility within our lending proposition.

“The market has changed drastically during the last two years and we are working hard to respond to the changing needs of the customer.

“We are continuously reviewing and improving the products we offer and look forward to announcing more new products shortly.”

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