BuildLoan launches right to build roadshow

Michael Lloyd

April 12, 2018

BuildLoan has launched roadshows to educate brokers and make them aware of all aspects of building from self-build to custom build.

There are roadshows in Solihull on Wednesday 2 May, in Manchester Bury on Thursday 3 May and Maidstone 12 June and Essex on Wednesday 13 June.

The BuildLoan Right to Build Roadshow gives brokers the opportunity to increase their knowledge and understanding of all aspects and make the most of the opportunities in this growing sector.

Stuart Bryce, national relationships at BuildStore and BuildLoan, said:  “These events provide brokers with a wealth of information that they won’t get anywhere else and the opportunity to meet the lenders.

“Our aim is to help brokers to grow their business, by increasing understanding of the this specialist sector, the legislative changes, the plethora of opportunities, the key attributes to finding the most suitable product for clients and why the BuildLoan service and bespoke exclusive products are so important in protecting them and their clients.”

As part of the government’s housing pledge, they have made fundamental legislative changes, dubbed the Right to Build, increasing focus on self-build and the emerging custom build sector.

Learning from Europe and further afield, custom build brings a new breed of enabling developer to the market, providing serviced plots with planning permission. This makes finding a plot on which to build much easier than ever before and enabling more people to build their own home.

The government objective is for self-build and custom build to account for around 30% of new housing in England.

The Right to Build legislation grants a right to all qualifying citizens in England to register their desire to buy a serviced plot to build or commission the build of their own home – 33,000 have already registered.

Local planning authorities must grant sufficient planning permissions to meet the demand on the register within a three year period, making it the responsibility of the local authority to make it happen.

It is important to understand the different factors involved, not only to source the most appropriate funding, but also to align the expectations of clients.

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