Butterfield open post graduate scholarship applications

Jessica Nangle

February 20, 2020

Post-graduate students in the UK studying subjects related to the preservation and improvement of island environments are eligible to apply for the annual Butterfield post-graduate scholarship. 

Every year, one student from Butterfield’s jurisdictions, which include the UK, Guernsey, the Bahamas and Switzerland, is selected to receive the scholarship of $25,000.

The scholarship is awarded for a period of up to four years to students in full-time study.

The application deadline to apply for the scholarship is midnight on Friday 27 March 2020.

Barisse Griffin from the Bahamas was the recipient of the 2019 scholarship, which she used to fund her master’s degree in Disasters, Adaption and Development Management at King’s College in London.

Barisse said: “Butterfield’s post-graduate scholarship has given me a head-start in my career, enabling me to focus on my studies, while gaining experience in the field of disaster and development.

“I highly recommend students apply for this amazing opportunity.”

Barisse is now developing strategies to improve crisis response in the Bahamas and across the Caribbean, helping to combat natural disasters and protect the islands.

She added: “Throughout the Caribbean we are experiencing unpredictable climate patterns, such as prolonged and repeated droughts, intense rainfall and rising sea levels.

“These conditions disrupt our marine environments and coastal areas, resulting in pollutants and debris drifting into the sea and rising seas consuming our beaches.”

Alpa Bhakta (pictured), chief executive at the UK-based Butterfield Mortgages, said: “This initiative is a fantastic way of supporting the next generation of leaders who will play a significant role in improving the way humans interact with the environment.

“Education and awareness are key to solving the environmental crisis we currently face.

“This scholarship ensures students are in position to further their knowledge, expertise and potential for future action―I would certainly encourage UK-based students who are considering entering relevant post-graduate courses to apply.”

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