Buyers viewing record number of properties

Sam Cordon

April 17, 2013

The survey found that many buyers now look at anywhere between 11 and 15 properties before making a decision to buy.

Robin King, director of Move with Us, said: “The move cycle is becoming much longer due to the lack of available funding in recent years.

“Consequently buying property is a longer term investment than previously seen and it’s factors such as these that are leading to home owners viewing more properties and doing more research to ensure their decision is sound.

“Estate agents should hold open house sessions to cope with the increasing amount of viewings buyers are completing therefore freeing up more time qualifying and identifying the motivated buyers from those that are still in the early stages of moving.”

The survey also revealed the factors that potential homebuyers are most willing to compromise on when looking for a new home.

Potential buyers are most likely to compromise on the size of the garden (40%), downstairs cloakroom (33.5%), location (15.4%), availability of parking (9.3%) and the number of bedrooms (2.7%).

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