c2 launches product exclusives

Ramesh Sharma

March 11, 2006

Available through the c2 City Homeloans and Centro Homeloans brands, the deals include a lifetime tracker available from 6.10 per cent and a two-year product, with no extended tie-ins.

Available at LIBOR plus 1.5 per cent, the lifetime tracker product allows unlimited arrears and CCJ’s, self-certification of income and no existing lender references. A proc fee of 1.25 per cent is also payable on the product, with free valuations and ‘c75’ cashback of 0.75 per cent also included as part of the package.

A second product, available at 85 per cent LTV with unlimited arrears is also available at 6.14 per cent for two-years, with no extended tie-ins. This product also includes the 0.75 per cent cashback facility in addition to free valuation and its 1.25 per cent proc fee.

Alan Lakey, senior partner at Highclere Financial Services, said the lifetime tracker would prove attractive to a number of borrowers. He said: “That sounds like an outstanding product and I would definitely be interested in looking at it. Most deals of this kind are credit repair, where the lender wants to get you off it as soon as is possible, but the lifetime option means it can offer a lower rate.” He added the second product, available at 6.14 per cent, was equally attractive.

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