CAL goes live

Amanda Jarvis

February 3, 2006

A carefully selected panel of specialist conveyancing solicitors based within the United Kingdom, have been chosen, based on their electronic capabilities and proven track record, to ensure that each transaction is followed through within the service standards set. All solicitors fees are fixed and, if the sale or purchase should fail to go ahead for any reason whatsoever, no solicitors fees will be payable.

Whilst this may not be the first web based conveyancing system to come to the market, it is undeniably the easiest to use and navigate, with the entire process, from providing an initial quote to actually instructing a solicitor, taking around one minute with only two data screens to complete. Indeed, the whole system has been built around ease of access for the user and was designed by John Phillips (pictured above), Operations Director for CAL, who has worked closely with the broker market for the past 20 years.

Companies already signed up to use the CAL system include: Bankhall, Premier Mortgage Services, Prestbury, Millfield Group, Sage Financial, Mortgage Next, Mortgage Options, The Sunday Group, dot Financial Services and The Townends Group.

John Malone, managing director of Premier Mortgage Services comments, “our impartial stance has always been that we are keen to support positive initiatives within the industry. We want our members to be free to choose those services and providers that best supports their business model. CAL can help Brokers to offer a broader service to their clients and are rewarded with a flexible commission structure”.

Peter Mann, chief executive, Bankhall comments further, “we conducted a thorough search of the market and are satisfied that the CAL system meets the needs of most of our mortgage advising members”.

John Philips, operations director for CAL, commented, “we are delighted to be working in partnership with some of the leading mortgage groups in the UK. These exciting new relationships offer the opportunity to earn extra income from CAL, an extremely competitive conveyancing solution.”

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