Cameron commits to Help to Buy

Sarah Davidson

December 17, 2014

Speaking in the House of Commons at Prime Minister’s Questions today, Cameron also backed the new Starter Homes initiative, which will offer 100,000 first-time buyers new homes with a 20% discount from the start of next year.

Responding to a question from Richard Fuller, MP for Bedford, Cameron said: “There are two vital steps that we can take [to help young people buy].

“The first is to go on backing the Help to Buy scheme which has helped thousands of people in our country.

“What it does is enable people who are working hard, who earn a decent salary, who can afford the mortgage payments, to take out that mortgage and buy that home because they don’t need such a big deposit.

“That’s the first thing we should do and we shall continue with that.”

He added: “The second, as I announced on Monday, is we want to build starter homes that are 20% below the market price.

“They will be reserved for people under the age of 40 and again this is for people who want to work hard, want to get on and do the right thing for themselves and their families.

“Under a Conservative government they will have homes they can buy.”

Fuller had asked the PM: “For people starting their careers or for newly married couples or others the prospect of earning their first home is a much desired but very difficult step, so what is the government doing to help people in my constituency make that positive move?”

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