Can social ‘lead’ the way?

Paul Hunt

October 11, 2018

Paul Hunt is a marketing consultant

Ever ordered your coffee and realised you’ve left your wallet at home?

A new solution is coming to the UK in the very near future – so what’s the catch? Well in exchange you will have to provide your personal data – does that sound like a fair deal?

Well it’s a reality already for a university in the US, as Shiru Cafe offers exactly this to Brown University students, as the Japanese owned business makes its money by selling sponsorships and then providing the data it collects to partners.

If you’re sceptical, don’t be, as this is already happening and you’ve probably already passed personal data to third parties a few times already today, you may have done so to access this blog…

As we have seen in the news over the past few years, the data collected by social media companies is very powerful and then that aligned with our data sources can make targeting certain demographics possible. How can this help mortgage brokers though?

Obtaining leads can be tough sometimes and costly. Also, the conversion rates can be patchy as the leads only have a limited ability to be targeted.

Therefore, the potential of paid social activity to generate leads should be looked at and you can target very specific demographics which can dramatically reduce the cost per lead.

Choosing experts who can help you is obviously important and there are many with track records of operating in the mortgage market, so what’s stopping you?

Leads via social could help you beat your local competition and help YOU lead the way.

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