Capital Bridging reports Scottish lending leap

Sam Cordon

July 8, 2013

The City based short term funder has also confirmed that it will exit its first £1m plus Scottish loan this week.

Keith Aldridge, managing director of Capital Bridging Financ, said: “We did a great deal of research ahead of embarking on our Scottish lending programme and we are delighted that cases are completing on schedule and we have another satisfied investment client who will be returning to us.”

Wolverhampton based specialist broker John Singh of Express Financial Services, who introduced the case to Capital Bridging Finance said; “Scotland has a great deal to offer if you know the market, not just in the three major conurbations.

“Few days go by without an enquiry and I look forward to completing many more cases with Capital Bridging Finance now that they are established as a major provider of short term funding solutions north of the border.”

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