Capital Bridging secures £50m loan facility

Robyn Hall

November 19, 2012

CBFL provides bespoke short-term finance solutions to private and corporate clients to suit their individual requirements.

Keith Aldridge, principal of Capital Bridging Finance, said: “The facility provided by such a large institution is testimony to their belief that Capital Bridging Finance is a company that can deliver to their high standards in a market that is increasing in demand at a rapid rate and although not currently regulated is under the close scrutiny of the FSA.

“We are confident of utilising this initial tranche and will be looking to repeat the facility with this same funder as quickly as possible.

“We operate with a highly skilled team which includes lawyers, chartered accountants, senior underwriters with a combined history of 20 years in the lending business, and directors with over 50 years’ combined experience in financial services, investment banking and fund management.

“We accept that rapid decisions and fulfilment are key to this area of the lending market, however we balance these demands with executing lending in a highly ethical manner, adhering at all times to the Code of Practice set out by the Association of Short-Term Lenders, of which we are a member.”

John Singh of Express Financial Services, added: “From a brokers perspective consistency, willingness and ability to deliver are fundamental to this type of lending.

“Capital Bridging Finance fulfil this remit. In the past year we have placed a substantial volume of bridging business with CBFL and we have found them excellent to deal with and highly experienced in their field. They provide us with a swift seamless service enabling us to satisfy our clients needs and conclude business quickly. To hear that one of the major high street banks in the UK is backing them is excellent news for us.”

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