Cardif Pinnacle IP underwritten at point of sale

Nia Williams

October 22, 2010

Cardif Pinnacle’s Lifestyle Protection product, which can be fully tailored to the customers income protection needs, is individually underwritten at the point of sale.

Cardif Pinnacle believes that the recent Competition Commission announcements of a point of sale prohibition of PPI in its remedies will bring clarity to the market and will encourage more intermediaries to offer this type of cover.

Nathalie Moreau for Cardif Pinnacle said: “For some time Cardif Pinnacle has argued that Short Term Income Protection will be a key product solution for customers looking to protect themselves from the financial consequences of an accident, sickness or unemployment.

“We have been underwriting PPI at point of sale since 2008 and we believe that this is key to ensuring the customer has clarity around the benefits they are covered for. We have been fine tuning our underwriting approach during the last two years and this has enabled to continue to offer cover to existing borrowers during these challenging times.”

Nathalie Moreau continued “It was really important for us to create significant value for the end consumer in this market whilst creating a solution that is ready to launch now and easy for partners to implement.”

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