Cartel appoints head of processing

Amanda Jarvis

November 25, 2004

Mortgage intermediary rewards its latest young hotshot with rapid promotion.

In the wake of last month's Mortgage Day, one of the most important dates in the history of the financial services industry,

Joanna, 30, has been with Cartel for under six years, and started as a graduate in the role of administration assistant in the underwriting department, rising through the ranks until she took over her own team, which now is itself rapidly growing and developing.

Company director John Rattigan comments, “Jo has been instrumental in preparing Cartel for Mortgage Day, and it is in no small part down to her and her team that we were among the first companies in the UK to gain the necessary approval from the FSA.

“She is a true adherent to the principle that the customer always comes first, which is why she has risen through the ranks at Cartel so quickly. She is a vital public face for our business, as many consumers still have a lot of questions about the very complicated mortgage market, and Jo is a particularly approachable and knowledgeable character.”

Joanna adds, “My job is going to be a particularly important and enjoyable challenge since Mortgage Day. The mortgage market is now more streamlined and customer-friendly than ever before, and by making sure that I and my team keep our clients as well informed as they possibly can be, I can see Cartel continuing to grow at its current rapid rate.”

Notes to editors: Cartel is one of the largest directly authorised mortgage intermediaries in the UK.

Cartel has been recognised as one of the hundred fastest-growing companies in the north west for the second year running and Cartel and its associated companies have over 400 employees worldwide, with operations in India and Egypt.

Managing director Carl Wright, who founded the company in 1997, has recently been acknowledged as one of the north west's young, dynamic entrepreneurs by a leading business magazine *

John Rattigan, compliance director for the Cartel group, is also a specialist and regular media spokesperson on FSA and mortgage regulation, whilst Andrea Brammer, director of training, has addressed university students working towards the Diploma in Financial Services Management, (DFSM).

The company's unique selling point is a concept called Mortgage Cost Reduction (MCR), which aims to identify the best possible deal for every customer and is exclusive to Cartel.

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