Castle Trust appoints e.surv

Robyn Hall

October 4, 2012

Prior to Castle Trust’s launch, e.surv worked closely with the lender on best-practice methods for their mortgage valuations. This included offering advice on how valuations are reported, as well as improving the guidance the lender offers to the valuer in the field.

James Neave, head of lending at Castle Trust, said: “E.surv’s guidance has been invaluable in helping us refine and perfect our valuations procedures ahead of our launch onto the market. Their advice on best-practice will help us meet our treating customer fairly obligations more effectively and improve the operational efficiency of our mortgage valuations.”

Richard Sexton, director of business development at e.surv, said: “With the economy stuck in the mud, and funding lines restricted, the mortgage market has been crying out for a lender to come up with innovative ways to improve mortgage availability.”

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