Castle Trust to launch October 1st

Robyn Hall

August 30, 2012

Sean Oldfield, CEO of Castle Trust, said: “There has been great interest in the business we are planning to launch and we’re incredibly excited to be able to tell customers and partners exactly when we’re opening our doors to investors and home owners.

“This really will be a momentous event in the residential property market because we will be offering investments and mortgages the like of which have simply not been available until now.

“Castle Trust will be a shot in the arm for the UK housing economy.”

Housing is the largest asset class in the UK, worth over £4,000 billion, which is more than listed equities, commercial property and gilts put together. But until now the only way for most people to access it has been through buying a physical property.

A Castle Trust HouSA will allow investors to gain exposure to housing without the costs incurred in buying a physical property.

This will allow investors to diversify their portfolios and allow aspiring home owners to outperform house prices before they are ready to buy their home.

HouSAs will also be eligible for inclusion in tax efficient investment vehicles, such as ISAs, Junior ISAs and SIPPs.

Partnership Mortgages can provide responsible home owners with new choices and added flexibility in how to buy or remortgage their home.

Unlike a traditional mortgage, the amount to repay a Partnership Mortgage depends on the change in the value of their home.

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