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Paul Brett landbay

I took part in a buy-to-let panel session at the London Mortgage Business Expo recently and we were discussing Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs).

The rise in staycationing has fuelled an increase the use of properties as holiday lets.

When the pandemic took hold last year, a host of second-charge lenders pulled back on their lending. As a result, the market struggled. However, there’s no denying that the second-charge market is now booming.

Neal Jannels OMS

Collaboration and integration

Collaboration and integration are two important words within any industry from a tech perspective. Throughout the pandemic, many business models and customer engagement processes have evolved to overcome many unforeseen challenges which has resulted in a tech explosion.

According to the National Housing Federation, England needs 340,000 new homes (including 145,000 affordable homes) per year until 2031.

In an ever-changing climate of rising building material costs, lenders should pay very close attention to the contract between the borrower and the contractor.

Joni Mitchell was definitely not singing about the pandemic, but the sentiment still holds true, particularly through periods of lockdown that meant we were unable to see family, friends, colleagues and indeed – for all of us in financial services – continue personal relationships with clients.

When the stamp duty holiday ended on 30 September, the property industry could finally breathe a sigh of relief. The market surged following the introduction of the tax break, combined with the release of pent-up demand during the height of the pandemic.

Coming out of the pandemic

As we come out of the pandemic, it’s been somewhat obvious that the number of borrowers who have picked up some sort of adverse credit has grown.

For mortgage and protection advisers there is no disagreement that managing a bank of clients from the initial meeting until completion is hard work.