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Few consumers who conduct execution-only business actually understand what they are signing up to.

Ash Kendall is an originator at Fiduciam.

Together, these three factors can continue to drive market growth and provide customers with what they want.

Beyond the 9-5

Integrating flexibility into operational processes has become vital for businesses of all shapes and sizes, and technology has played a huge role in this transition.

John Hardman (pictured), head of sales at Bridging Finance Solutions (BFS), offers his insight into the development finance journey.

David Bennett, commercial director at eKeeper, discusses what can be learnt from a digital broker.

Really looking at a case at the outset may sound obvious, but every lender knows that it doesn’t always happen.

Andrew Turner (pictured), chief executive at Commercial Trust Limited, explains why a conversation with a specialist buy-to-let mortgage broker could make a difference to maintaining profit.

Preparing for problems

Mark Davies from Link Mortgage Services discusses how to prepare for problems in a world of evolving technology.

Here is a selection of topics landlords need to stay on top of.