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How long will it be before you’ll be able to buy an entire building with one click, and that’s it?

I am honoured to have been invited by Newcastle Building Society this week to talk to a few brokers in their head office about marketing.

Customer loyalty should be recognised and existing customers should be treated fairly.

Helping secure a mortgage deposit through this method is seen by many as the ultimate ‘financial’ gift.

The road to £3bn is long enough and bumpy enough to provide hatful of lessons.

With the World Cup finally upon us, here’s what Jeff Knight of Foundation Home Loans thinks will happen…

Don’t automatically just think fixed rate.

An end-to-end system needs the collaboration and coordination of the industry, not individual players.

It’s now a workplace necessity to have a professional tech presence.

The trouble is, comical as Walliams’ satire is, the ‘computer says no’ culture is actually a lot more prevalent than we care to admit. And even worse than ‘computer says no’ is ‘computer says yes’ and then changes its mind to say no again.