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Has normal service resumed?

From a surveying perspective, the volume of instructions is currently at a level that I for one can’t remember seeing for many years, if ever.

Looking at why United Kingdom residential property sales fall through and if conveyancing might be contributing to the issue.

Neal Jannels OMS

As coronavirus infection rates continue to rise across the UK, could we be facing a full-scale second lockdown throughout the UK? And what might this mean for the intermediary market?

Landlords actually follow a certain pattern and if you look hard enough, you can find it.

Something I always personally do is think about things from a business perspective and to try and detach the emotional element to it.

People want and need leaders at the moment in all walks of life and these qualities should inform what individuals and to a lesser extent businesses say.

The credit situation for a significant number of borrowers is going to change as a result of Covid-19, the lockdown and the financial decisions they have made.

Looking gift horses in the mouth has never been a particular trait of private sector landlords over the last half a decade.

The heyday of panel management was when law firms were a lot smaller and could not handle the capacity required by a large estate agent referrer.

Jeff Knight Foundation Home Loans

Jeff Knight explains why he is set to leave Foundation Home Loans.