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Where’s Jim White?

Like Levy, trust the plan and the messages/style that has been developed and take your time to develop the plan, it will be worth it.

Buy-to-let lenders prefer the security of a tenant on an assured shorthold tenancy

Getting on the housing ladder is becoming increasingly difficult. As a consequence, more and more millennials find themselves perpetually trapped in an over-inflated rental market.

Truth, Share, Repeat?

If lenders can eventually update a system once which then feeds and updates everything else, that must be our goal.

Technology seems to be becoming a hotter and hotter topic in the mortgage industry at the moment which is a good thing for a relatively new tech company like Criteria Hub.

Planning and careful planning defines a successful bridging loan. John Hardman, head of sales at Bridging Finance Solutions, offers his thoughts and insights on the 10 key factors to consider and action:

Rob Clifford, group commercial director at property specialist SDL Group, questions how meaningful an interest rate rise would be for the property market.

Pooling resources and ideas to help raise awareness within the broker market must be a sensible way to go.

To say the first batch of product transfer data, published by UK Finance, was surprising would be something of an understatement. These are figures which the industry has been waiting many years to see and, despite some educated guesses on just how big the market might be, I’m not sure many people thought it would be in the region of £200bn-plus a year.

Just how much at risk are brokers?