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Professional money launderers are a pretty ruthless bunch, and you can be sure they will look for any weakness in the defences and seek to exploit that for their own criminal ends.

We are living through unprecedented times and this year’s budget was certainly as a result not like others.

It’s all about working smarter, not necessarily harder. In many ways’ dogs are like technology.

The property market will drop to 0, land will be worthless, and it will never recover. The fundamentals that drive the market no longer matter!

If you’re struggling, talk to someone, keep the communication going within teams and work together to make this transition work for everyone.

On Saturday, This is Money ran a piece that suggested that house prices would drop 20% as a result of coronavirus and that covenants would be breached and that some borrowers would start to experience negative equity.

Wartime footing

Although the UK and many other countries are on a wartime footing, at least we can all take precautions against catching COVID-19.

You know that the cheapest deal available to your client isn’t necessarily always the most suitable for their circumstances but how do you prove it?

Could the start of a new decade mark the beginning of a new era for open banking in the sector? Possibly, but there are challenges to overcome before we reach that point.

“Network” seems to be the latest buzzword circulating the mortgage industry right now.