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We have a duty not to bury our heads in the sand or take the view that we will be retired before AI really takes hold.

Despite these innovations and this drive towards greater transparency, there is still one area that remains unclear: the issue of eligibility.

Chatbots are increasingly becoming part of the workforce across many industries, as customers actively seek to self-serve where possible and receive assistance on-demand.

Clare Jarvis speaks to underwriter Zenzi Tinkorang.

Danny Robinson is director of Grey Matters Specialist Lending

This isn’t a vote winner, however procuration fees should be linked to quality or be levelled out so that they are the same for everyone.

Our sector – quite rightly – will remain heavily regulated.

Many consumers do not reassess their insurance requirements regularly enough.

Leave the sledgehammer at home.

If it wasn’t Brexit it would have been something else so why not let the tide go out and see what the industry has been doing with itself since the credit crunch?