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Build to rent will be invaluable.

A development project encompasses many different stages, and a developer’s financing needs change as that project continues.

Home is where the heart is

Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular days in the year to make a commitment as a couple.

Fintech is just one recent wave of innovation that disrupts the infrastructure through technologies to provide a delivery of services and functionality to the end user.

Criteria accuracy and interpretation are now two of the more serious issues facing brokers today. Perennial concerns like service, free legals and keeping abreast of regulatory requirements rumble on.

Robo-advice certainly has the potential to deliver changes to society as a whole, albeit probably not to heights of smartphone cameras or lightweight structural carbon fibre.

Speculation is rife that another base rate rise could occur as soon as May, although rumours have been proven wrong before.

What an interesting week!

The global experiment with loose monetary policy and economic stimulus means that no one really knows what the consequences of all this is going to be.

BDMs are a vital resource and so challenge your BDMs to demonstrate and explain how their tech can help you.

Advisers will have a job to do in explaining the market changes, but this was ever the case – the good news is that advice is needed more than ever and that there are options available.