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The future of the ASTL…

The opportunity is there, and it must be grasped.  

The pace of new investment has certainly slowed. And that’s a big worry.

A more versatile approach is vital if future dreams are to be realised and we, and the world around us, continue to evolve.

MCD and buy-to-let

The few cases that blur the line between business and consumer BTL will require a strategic approach.

A couple were about to lose a massive chunk of money on their home because a potential mistake had been made by their initial adviser.

Uncertain times

I have never known a time in the market where people have felt so much uncertainty.

Bridging for business

Bridging can be an extremely useful tool for solving business problems

Just when I thought I was out

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Rob Clifford is chief executive of If I Were You and CENTURY 21 UK   While the latest figures from the Bank of England revealed…

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