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The market recognises the inherent problems with the current qualification set-up in the later life space, but we don’t seem to have a regulator which is going to address this.

The cost of care, home renovations, debts and financial support given to loved ones mount up in retirement, often leaving pensioners feeling financially backed into a corner.

A ‘Lifetime Interest-Only’ mortgage could give consumers the benefit of a rollup lifetime mortgage but with an interest served portion on top to reach higher LTVs.

Equity release is virtuous, not sinful.

What’s required now is further proactivity on the part of regulators to create the necessary space for provider innovation and customer accessibility.

It is perhaps not surprising that more mainstream operators have been eyeing the sector up, and now seem to be making their moves.

Tomorrow’s World

We still don’t have the flying car, or the robotic butler, but from an equity release perspective tomorrow’s world is now a lot closer.

Advisers and consumers alike are often confused or completely oblivious to the existence and benefits of enhanced lifetime mortgages.

In many ways the world of lifetime mortgages is behind the curve when compared to its residential cousin

“You get the best seats”

He reckoned one of the most positive things about having multiple sclerosis and having to use a wheelchair was that he got to sit right in the front row at concerts and football matches: no queues and uninterrupted views.