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The property market has had to contend with uncertainty for a while now due to extended Brexit negotiations and political upheaval.

Filling the knowledge gap

When we’re about to buy the most expensive item of all, a home, advice is harder to find.

There is a lot to be done both by property owners and official bodies.

A common misconception buyers have when purchasing a property it that any previous building works are not their responsibility.

So long, and thanks for all the lunches.

Alain Desmier is founder of Contact State.

Preparing for problems

Mark Davies from Link Mortgage Services discusses how to prepare for problems in a world of evolving technology.

Any team or business, to be successful, must have strong leadership, a clear vision and a committed and motivated team.

While very low rates are designed as an emergency boost for economies, they are harmful over long periods of time, the OECD’s study concluded

The view among investors is that negative interest rates and quantitative easing are increasingly becoming ineffective and costly