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The impact of COVID-19 has left a huge impression on us all and really highlighted the need to better protect ourselves when and where we can.

This year has been defined by the pandemic and unfortunately it’s impossible to discuss the mortgage market without reflecting on COVID-19 and its knock-on impacts.

stuart wilson air group

In this business it’s hard not to continually question whether what you are providing to your customers is actually important to them.

John Dobson SmartSearch

Over the last few years automation has impacted virtually every industry sector.

Essentially for some lenders at present – large, mainstream operators in a number of cases – self-employed borrowers are not welcome.

Between local lockdowns, ongoing overseas travel restrictions and the fact that COVID-cases are on the rise once more, the outlook for a holiday abroad seems even further out of reach.

The proposals set out by the FCA’s final consultation of GI pricing practices mean that existing customers will never pay more for their insurance than new customers.

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Demand for flexible accommodation is on the rise in the UK and with HMOs no longer seen as simply a residence for students, they can be a sound investment, delivering higher yields.

Second wave of predictions

Whilst the usual suspects criticised us, when we look back on what we said four months ago there isn’t really a huge amount we got wrong.

Walking the talk of trust

Adaptability rarely comes quickly when one size has to fit all.