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Craig McKinlay Kensington Mortgages

Mortgage applications are tough – even more so for the self-employed.

Cloud-based solutions are designed to be adopted and integrated with a minimum of time, resources and disruption.

SDLT has long been the subject of ‘reform’ by politicians that use it as a political football.

The future of the ASTL…

The opportunity is there, and it must be grasped.  

How can the broker community educate people to give them confidence in the security of open banking?

The Labour party’s plans to give tenants the right to buy their privately rented home should be debated extensively at their annual conference on Saturday 21 September.

The property market has had to contend with uncertainty for a while now due to extended Brexit negotiations and political upheaval.

Filling the knowledge gap

When we’re about to buy the most expensive item of all, a home, advice is harder to find.

prevent fraud

There is a lot to be done both by property owners and official bodies.

A common misconception buyers have when purchasing a property it that any previous building works are not their responsibility.