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Paragon Bank’s Mike Potter discusses the four steps to take for a successful application.

There are few things that surprise me in financial services, but the recent news from the FSCS that it is likely to issue an industry-wide levy of over £1bn for the 2021/22 year was undoubtedly a head-scratcher moment.

Climate change is one of the most hotly spoken about topics in recent years, and for good reason.

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The political climate in 2019 put the mortgage sector through a stress test of its own.

A decade on from the banking crisis, we know consumers are still highly sceptical of banks’ motives.

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Tackling the loyalty penalty

Owning your home should mean stability and freedom; but getting a mortgage brings anxiety, stress, and unequal treatment.

Since the result of the election, we’ve had more site visits and customer chats across all buyer types than before.

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Helping mortgage prisoners

I can’t be the only one to think that there still exists the potential for a wider solution.

Agents must be savvy and adapt their approach to boost customer satisfaction rates.

For too long I believe the industry has only half-heartedly supported first time buyers, offering piecemeal guidance, so it’s exciting to be building an offering to fully support them.