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More needs to be done to make the moving process smoother for landlords and tenants.

Nici Audhlam-Gardiner is managing director of lifetime mortgages at OneFamily.

David Bennett, commercial director at eKeeper, discusses what can be learnt from a digital broker.

Preparing for problems

Mark Davies from Link Mortgage Services discusses how to prepare for problems in a world of evolving technology.

Chris Martin discusses how the self-build mortgage process can be made a calmer, stress-free process.

Even those who do sell up, it is more than likely another landlord will take on the property anyway.

In a property-owning democracy – to which, despite the ups and downs of the past few decades, most people in the UK still aspire – anything which allows young people to achieve the dream of their own space has to be unreservedly welcomed.

Steve Morgan, managing director of Europe for Intelenet Global Services, explores the need for automation in banking to keep up with tech-savvy customers.

I truly hope that reports that Prime Minister Theresa May is not ruling out a transition deal that would avoid a ‘cliff edge’ for British businesses are correct.

The pace of new investment has certainly slowed. And that’s a big worry.