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What has the latest cut achieved anyway?

A rate cut in isolation won’t do the job.

What we don’t need right now is the sort of negative speculation that I have seen in the press about the UK economy failing and ‘juddering to a halt’.

Nervous times

Shares in Italy’s biggest banks have fallen by as much as half since April, and this has been intensified by the Brexit vote. There’s certainly a worry that some Italian banks may go bust.

It’s the reality of an interest rate cut that concerns me.

Any team or business, to be successful, must have strong leadership, a clear vision and a committed and motivated team.

While very low rates are designed as an emergency boost for economies, they are harmful over long periods of time, the OECD’s study concluded

Power to the people

Just because technology can be developed to the point where a machine can replace a person, doesn’t mean that’s necessarily a desirable outcome in every instance.

The short-term fix debate

Many people are simply uncertain about what the next two years will bring, let alone the next five or 10 or even more.

The peer-to-peer debate

We must do more to promote best practice and provide detailed verification to demonstrate that this type of lending is beneficial and provides a viable alternative.