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A bug in the system

From the here and now to the future, how we handle risk really matters yet our way of doing so is still largely unchanged.

The date? 31 January 2020. The time? Late afternoon. The reasoning? As the saying goes, ‘A good day to bury bad news’.

Bob Hunt Paradigm

When asked about these general threats, not once have I ever thought one of the major threats was to consumers from their advisers.

There are a number of significant new provisions which ought to make firms sit up and take notice.

As unprecedented as Brexit might be, the UK property market has survived blips and crashes in the past.

It is too important to too many to lose sight of what the NHS was intended to be – a safety net for those who need it most.

Cloud-based solutions are designed to be adopted and integrated with a minimum of time, resources and disruption.

SDLT has long been the subject of ‘reform’ by politicians that use it as a political football.

It is not all about a race to the bottom in terms of rates.

There’s a lot of talk about robo-advice and I know a lot of us worry that the role of brokers is going to be diminished.