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The proposals set out by the FCA’s final consultation of GI pricing practices mean that existing customers will never pay more for their insurance than new customers.

It’s no secret that the capacity of the mortgage market is under considerable strain at the moment.

Second wave of predictions

Whilst the usual suspects criticised us, when we look back on what we said four months ago there isn’t really a huge amount we got wrong.

Walking the talk of trust

Adaptability rarely comes quickly when one size has to fit all.

second charge

Demand has grown, activity is on the up, and we want that to be maintained.

People want and need leaders at the moment in all walks of life and these qualities should inform what individuals and to a lesser extent businesses say.

A bug in the system

From the here and now to the future, how we handle risk really matters yet our way of doing so is still largely unchanged.

The date? 31 January 2020. The time? Late afternoon. The reasoning? As the saying goes, ‘A good day to bury bad news’.

Bob Hunt Paradigm

When asked about these general threats, not once have I ever thought one of the major threats was to consumers from their advisers.

There are a number of significant new provisions which ought to make firms sit up and take notice.