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As unprecedented as Brexit might be, the UK property market has survived blips and crashes in the past.

It is too important to too many to lose sight of what the NHS was intended to be – a safety net for those who need it most.

Conor Murphy smartr365

Cloud-based solutions are designed to be adopted and integrated with a minimum of time, resources and disruption.

SDLT has long been the subject of ‘reform’ by politicians that use it as a political football.

It is not all about a race to the bottom in terms of rates.

There’s a lot of talk about robo-advice and I know a lot of us worry that the role of brokers is going to be diminished.

Some women may feel cautious about joining the financial sector due to previous stereotypes and clichés. However, these are fast dissipating.

How can the broker community educate people to give them confidence in the security of open banking?

The Labour party’s plans to give tenants the right to buy their privately rented home should be debated extensively at their annual conference on Saturday 21 September.

The latest predictions for house sales produced by RICS made for yet more depressing headlines.