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The pace of new investment has certainly slowed. And that’s a big worry.

What has the latest cut achieved anyway?

What we don’t need right now is the sort of negative speculation that I have seen in the press about the UK economy failing and ‘juddering to a halt’.

The appearance of ‘business as usual’ could well help it to become a self-fulfilling prophesy

Although some clients have put their plans temporarily on hold, there have been very few outright cancellations.

Nervous times

Shares in Italy’s biggest banks have fallen by as much as half since April, and this has been intensified by the Brexit vote. There’s certainly a worry that some Italian banks may go bust.

Any team or business, to be successful, must have strong leadership, a clear vision and a committed and motivated team.

While very low rates are designed as an emergency boost for economies, they are harmful over long periods of time, the OECD’s study concluded

The biggest risk will be if a platform itself goes down

What Londoners need

London is in need of decent, affordable homes to rent