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Tech should support and enhance

The best kind of tech is here to support and enhance the needs of a variety of businesses, not hamper their potential for progress.

It is vital that brokers have a strong digital presence as this will help them generate and retain business.

HNWIs highly value the delivery of a first-class service, and are willing to pay extra for it.

The power of advice

There is a lot of misunderstanding in the later life lending market.

The property gravy train

For right to buy to be a good strategy there needs to be a replacement of social housing stock.

Alain Desmier is founder of Contact State.

Andy Reid is sales director for intermediary and network at Oblix Capital.

Mark Davies is managing director of Link Mortgage Services.

Ash Kendall is an originator at Fiduciam.

David Bennett eKeeper

David Bennett, commercial director at eKeeper, discusses what can be learnt from a digital broker.