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The view among investors is that negative interest rates and quantitative easing are increasingly becoming ineffective and costly

Our profession rightly holds itself accountable to the highest standards and prides itself on the rock-solid worth of an unsullied reputation.

The short-term fix debate

Many people are simply uncertain about what the next two years will bring, let alone the next five or 10 or even more.

Brexit paralysis

It’s not surprising that corporate fears about a Brexit are coming to the fore.

The peer-to-peer debate

We must do more to promote best practice and provide detailed verification to demonstrate that this type of lending is beneficial and provides a viable alternative.

By far the biggest spectre haunting the Scottish commercial property market at the moment is the continuing background chatter about the likelihood of another run at the independence referendum.

Jaisal Pastakia, investment manager at Heartwood Investment Management, takes a look at the European banking sector.

Those lenders involved will need to monitor this risk closely, keep an eye on what impact any potential price distortion may have on their back book and prepare to manage that risk accordingly.

Sarah Davidson is deputy editor of Mortgage Introducer The newly appointed Conservative government is due to unveil its “budget for working people” on 8 July.…

Alice Watson, product and communications manager Stonehaven In the 2014 Budget, the Chancellor announced changes to pension pots that will have a significant impact on…