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This comes as Theresa May announced she would resign as Prime Minister on Friday 7 May.

My thoughts on the Budget

Philip Hammond’s Budget on 22 November is an opportunity for the government to press the reset button on the relationship between the state and an increasingly significant private rental sector.

I truly hope that reports that Prime Minister Theresa May is not ruling out a transition deal that would avoid a ‘cliff edge’ for British businesses are correct.

The pace of new investment has certainly slowed. And that’s a big worry.

BoE interest rate

What has the latest cut achieved anyway?

What we don’t need right now is the sort of negative speculation that I have seen in the press about the UK economy failing and ‘juddering to a halt’.

Nervous times

Shares in Italy’s biggest banks have fallen by as much as half since April, and this has been intensified by the Brexit vote. There’s certainly a worry that some Italian banks may go bust.

It’s the reality of an interest rate cut that concerns me.

parliament housing minister

What Londoners need

London is in need of decent, affordable homes to rent

Brexit paralysis

It’s not surprising that corporate fears about a Brexit are coming to the fore.