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Tiba Raja MFS diversity in finance

The debate surrounding diversity within the financial services sector, or lack thereof, has been raging for some time.

We are now over four years on from the Grenfell Tower disaster which took the lives of 72 people and brought to light just how dangerous, and susceptible to fire, some of the cladding was (and is) on hundreds of buildings all across the country.

As we enter H2 2021, it’s been an eerily quiet few weeks with very little to report and everyone going about their business as usual. Yeah right.

In past reflections I’ve talked about well-being and how we can better manage that collectively. But part of dealing with collective well-being is to recognise that it is often a very individual issue.

Jeff Knight Foundation Home Loans

When email marketing tools first allowed marketers to insert a customer’s first name, it was like magic. That was a long time ago. And the magic has gone.

barney drake

Ultimately, the vast majority of second-charge borrowers fall into one of two categories: those looking to carry out home improvements, and those looking to consolidate existing debts.

The often-vaunted love affair Britons have with investing in bricks and mortar affects not only the decision-making of major developers and lenders, but also the long-term financial planning of consumers across the country.

Bob Hunt Paradigm

Paused for breath

Many in the industry will have paused for breath following the end of June and the end of the initial stage of the stamp duty holiday.

When looking to appoint an expert – be it a plumber, gardener or professional advisor – we tend to ask friends and family for suggestions.

Mortgage brokers come in all shapes and sizes from advising on standard residential loans to a variety of specialisms.