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The problem with pricing

The FCA market study could lead to some much needed reform.

So why did I give all of this up to join a fintech firm focused on mortgages?

Electronic solutions offer the most efficient and reliable identification checks.

Looking at the range of non-conforming loans now and a decade ago I think highlights some of the confusion on how we deal with ‘different’.

The government can no longer allow negotiations with Brussels to completely overshadow domestic policy

The buy-to-let sector might not look wholly appealing right now, but over time, and with the right broker support, incentives and products, landlord confidence can be restored.

It is clear that equity release is here to stay, which means all mortgage brokers should have it within their proposition.

Based on observations and conversations over the past year, there appears to have been an increase in the search for international funds coming through London brokers.

The relationship between the various parties involved in the mortgage process is pretty complex – even if you might be able to boil it down to a simple lender-borrower relationship, that’s unlikely to be the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Collective working spaces were set up to meet the growing criteria of businesses wanting to offer their employees more than just a desk.