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Capitalism’s own goal

The Prime Minister may well be jumping on a bandwagon in his highly visible interference in the European Super League debacle but, more generally, policymakers have already been playing an increasingly large role in business.

Rob Clifford Stonebridge

For a number of years, it looked like the mortgage and protection network sector was unlikely to see many new entrants, if any, given a number of factors seemingly working against it.

Martin Stewart the money group

Know your history and learn from it – all the answers are back there somewhere.

So have you booked your summer holiday yet? With a sense of relief, UK holiday restrictions are beginning to lift (from April 12) and that much needed break looks increasingly likely for many, boosting the domestic holiday let market.

The second-charge market is gearing up for a big 2021. There’s no denying that, for a lot of the market, the last 12 months have been difficult.

When it comes to working with property professionals, brokers know only too well that one eye is always on the next step of the process.

Make no mistake, successful recruitment is a heady mix of planning, resource, processes and a sprinkling of luck along the way.

The increased value attached to technology and specialist lending is undoubtedly capturing the attention of many intermediary firms in the current marketplace, although the parallels between these two areas go way beyond this.

Some 90% of UK mortgage originations involving manual processing of (on average) 100 different types of paper documentation.

Bob Hunt Paradigm

Here’s a conundrum

According to research from Key Group, nearly 25% of house sales are reliant on financial help from the Bank of Mum and Dad.