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Looking gift horses in the mouth has never been a particular trait of private sector landlords over the last half a decade.

The heyday of panel management was when law firms were a lot smaller and could not handle the capacity required by a large estate agent referrer.

Jeff Knight Foundation Home Loans

Jeff Knight explains why he is set to leave Foundation Home Loans.

In some ways, COVID-19 has shown the housing sector’s resilience and injected it with new vitality, so we should not let this optimism be clouded by the memory of 2008.

Stuart Wilson more2life vulnerability in a digital age

The effects of the coronavirus crisis have been felt far and wide, with the subsequent lockdown causing significant disruption to everyday life.

sdl surveying desktop valuation

Lenders who would normally be offering a large high LTV range may feel that something has needed to give in order to keep working effectively.

With coronavirus transforming the world in a matter of months and turning many lives upside-down, many are looking to equity release for different reasons than before.

Jeff Knight Foundation Home Loans

Even the late Ian Dury might have struggled to pen a 2020 version of his classic song, “Reasons to be cheerful, part 3”, amidst all the upheaval that COVID-19 has inflicted on us this year.

The mortgage industry has been significantly affected by this with repeated occurrences of lenders pulling products from the market, sometimes mere days after they were first announced.

There is no doubt that the solutions we are using at present are temporary, as they don’t meet the standards we’d expect in normal times, but they demonstrate to us that long-term solutions are possible.