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The press would have you believe that a Bank of England base rate rise is an inevitability on November 2nd, when the Monetary Policy Committee reconvenes.

Steve Morgan, managing director of Europe for Intelenet Global Services, explores the need for automation in banking to keep up with tech-savvy customers.

If the bank keeps base rates on hold, it will face criticism from all quarters. But let’s be grown-up here.

#Hunt: Ranking up on Google

Have you stopped to think about how your business appears

Thinking of going DA

Compliance is such an important part that DAs might well be better off bringing that support in and getting the best of both worlds.

Jenny Hawthorne (pictured) is business development manager at Dudley Building Society The self employed in the UK are a group that increases every day with a…

Specialist lending topped £17bn last year and choice in the sector has widened with a number of new entrants, including The Mortgage Lender.

Simple Landlords Insurance provides 10 tips for landlords in winter

Advisers might well be advised to prepare their first-time buyer marketing material in order to capitalise in any increase in interest, and/or ability to borrow.

It’s embarrassing to even have to explain to these philistines how it is that almost 80% of UK brokers now choose to directly and justly remunerate themselves for their work and advice .