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As the stamp duty holiday draws to a close, we mark the end of one of the more remarkable periods that the UK property market has ever seen.

I’ve been a BDM in the bridging market for around 15 years now, and without wanting to blow my own horn too much, I’ve written an awful lot of business in that time. So I like to think I have a good feel for the market.

We have an ageing population, many of whom will find their pension incomes unable to meet their later life aspirations, and in some cases needs.

Stuart Wilson more2life vulnerability in a digital age

Although the UK arguably boasts more gender equality in society than ever before, the gender pensions gap continues to be a challenge – especially for older women who may not have enjoyed the social and economic freedoms that today’s graduates expect.

If that sounds like the type of lazy question you might get asked at a job interview, which is almost impossible to answer, then I apologise.

Bob Hunt Paradigm

Time to talk

There is always a lot of talk in our sector – with good reason – about the opportunities for advisers to diversify their propositions.

With the kids firmly embedded back in school and the sometimes never-ending six-week holiday a distant memory, working families are getting back to some kind of normality – whatever normal means anymore.

Demand unlikely to change

This time last month there appeared to be a great deal of media wailing and gnashing of teeth at the latest HMRC residential transaction figures for July.

One of the key benefits of working in the intermediary sector is the opportunity it affords individual advisers to work on their own, to run successful operations and (if done correctly) to have a very successful business working as a one-man/woman band all the way up to retirement.

Ross Turrell

It’s somewhat of an understatement to say that certain individuals, businesses and sectors have faced a torrid time over the course of the pandemic.