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Portugal has always been a popular country with Brits looking to buy abroad and is my number one recommendation for this year.

But there will be improvements in conveyancing.

Dealing with mortgages is an increasing factor in how people plan for their retirement.

Making insurance matter

Insurance products can be a tough sell.

Providers also need to consider how they want to use technology. They need to think about what the customer wants and how using technology can help them achieve these for each individual.

But in place of Cuthbert, Dibble and Grubb we have the likes of Trussle, Habito and Hoocht.

Seasons greetings!

Listed are things you should think about and plan for during this important period.

Now is a good time for landlords to take stock of their businesses and to establish what they want to achieve in 2018

Stamp duty doldrums

Stamp duty is an outdated instrument for raising taxes.

Joe Gardiner (pictured) is head of brand and communications at credit eligibility firm TotallyMoney A casual observer may be forgiven for regarding buy-to-let as a…