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After a difficult 12 months, prospects for the second-charge market in 2021 look encouraging.

How can businesses ensure they have the right tech in place to play and thrive in a more interconnected mortgage market?

When people complain about a mortgage product or service, it is often a highly emotive moment.

Paul Brett landbay

Title insurance is one of those policies that people might have heard of, but are not quite sure what it is.

The world continues to change at pace around us. Imagine travelling back to this date in 2020 and having the timeline for the next 12 months laid out in front of you.

Before the pandemic, the mortgage process involved no shortage of physical interactions, whether with a lender or through a broker.

A question of cost control

Such is the inter-related nature of the housing and mortgage markets, that it’s inevitable that a pressure felt in one area will have consequences across multiple others.

If you had £50k to spend on marketing today – what do you think is the best way to spend it to get maximum return in the shortest space of time?

Do you really know the company ethos behind your tech provider, and how have they evolved during these challenging times?

The ongoing rollout of COVID-19 vaccines has offered hope for businesses struggling in the face of the latest lockdown, but this has been tempered by the spread of new, more transmissible variants of the virus.