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The mortgage industry has been significantly affected by this with repeated occurrences of lenders pulling products from the market, sometimes mere days after they were first announced.

There is no doubt that the solutions we are using at present are temporary, as they don’t meet the standards we’d expect in normal times, but they demonstrate to us that long-term solutions are possible.

With so much uncertainty still in the air, we want to encourage good practice to protect homebuyers and support property market recovery. 

Click2Check David Jones Credit Assess

When I read recent research that suggested four million people in the UK checked their credit score for the first time during the COVID-19 lockdown, my first reaction was, “Is that all?”

Bob Hunt Paradigm

As part of a business which caters for all financial advisers, I think it’s possible to say that we know – better than most – that there is very little difference in terms of the environment advisers work within.

Neal Jannels OMS

Technology is no longer an alien concept to anyone.

Experts predict that post-pandemic property requirements are going to change dramatically.

FCA invoicing season is already underway but what payment options are available to regulated companies and what’s changed from previous years? 

The challenge (for every service-business) is that excellent service management begins with design.

It is important to remember that there is a difference between the legal interest and the beneficial interest.