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Today (Tuesday 3rd November) is the US general election day. Voters cast their vote to retain Trump or replace with Biden as resident of The White House. Whatever the result, it’s a renewal of the tenancy agreement at The White House,

Things are improving, but it was also reassuring to see the Intermediary Mortgage Lenders Association (IMLA) step in to help identify the challenges which are impacting these service levels.

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What space and time do we need to engender creative discovery and innovation in the future?

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As consumers move towards exchange and completion, attention is likely to turn to conveyancers, who face an uphill struggle to manage a wave of activity.


The mortgage market is currently flying. As I write this – from an internal perspective – daily records of full mortgage applications are consistently being broken and we are entering Q4 on the back of one of our busiest quarters ever.

At face value, mortgage protection is just about the easiest protection concept for a couple of first-time buyers to understand.

PI, at the best of times, feels like a ‘crunching hit’ waiting to happen and especially at this juncture when firms are being ‘battered’.


The recent launch of a government-led retraining quiz and campaign aimed at helping people to assess their suitability for certain careers created something of a social media buzz.

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Speculation about what the future might bring for the mortgage market, particularly at the likely end of the stamp duty holiday next March, continues and – despite a very busy sector currently – brokers are rightly thinking about what might come next.

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In this business it’s hard not to continually question whether what you are providing to your customers is actually important to them.