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Bob Hunt Paradigm

Reading the signals

The provision of higher LTV products is likely to be a bell weather for the entire mortgage market.

Paul Brett landbay

With Bank Base rate now standing at a record 0.1% you may ask why it is that some rates, particularly for products such as buy-to-let, have not dropped accordingly – or even gone up?

Beware of the systems and solutions which market themselves as being free but have a multitude of hidden costs.

Greater co-operation between lenders and brokers will help everyone across the industry.

This week marks Diabetes Week, an initiative that aims to help increase the public’s understanding of diabetes and raise awareness of this increasingly prevalent condition.

Tackling racism

Some may wonder what this has got to do with mortgages – my response would be EVERYTHING.

How do you take exams in a lockdown? Not easily.

Jeff Knight Foundation Home Loans

while we might see an uncertain short-term, the reality is that looking at a wider timeframe, property investment remains a sound choice

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The role of technology

Behind these headlines, AVMs and desktop valuations will continue to remain prominent.

I believe there will be a mini boom eventually within the sector, clients still want to move for many reasons, lenders are slowly increasing their LTVs and money is, if you still fit the criteria is incredibly cheap.