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If a business was changing its management that frequently you’d be selling your shares.

2020 will be a year where the mortgage industry begins to seriously build upon the digital foundations which are already in place.

Alex Upton discusses the current buy-to-let marketplace, the competitive rates available, and what Hampshire Trust Bank stands for in the world of specialist lending.

Martin Reynolds discusses compliance in the marketplace, trade associations and the support available for businesses dealing with increasing regulation.

Stamp duty changes would be a great catalyst for getting the market moving again.

There’s a lot to be said for focussing on what you are good at – the provision of advice – and letting a proven and reputable network handle everything else.

There are plenty of reasons to be optimistic about the future of buy-to-let.

We believe retail property can continue to provide strong rental returns for landlords.

It’s useful to look back at how the market has changed, what it’s learned and how it can put those lessons into practice in the future.

Estimates show that 1.26 million people with adverse credit will be looking for a mortgage in the next year.