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Opportunities to be had

With plenty of focus, quite rightly, on purchase activity currently, and with the next couple of months likely to be incredibly busy in terms of completions, it seems somehow important not to get lost in the closing of cases.

stamp duty

The stamp duty holiday offered a welcome stimulus to the sales market during 2020, however, nationwide there is concern that a sharp cut off on 31 March could see a huge amount of transactions fall through.

Foundation Home Loans recently spoke to Julian Sampson, partner and head of lending at TWM Solicitors, to get his views on the impact of the stamp duty holiday.

Where next for valuations?

As we move seamlessly into February, it is easy to get caught up with the daily challenges and looking at how we turn those frustrations into opportunities.

The lockdown has seen many of us burn through eight series of Game Of Thrones within which a North-South narrative is often bluntly clear.

Back in my day

Back in my day, breakfast television consisted of BBC’s offering with Frank Bough and Selina Scott, or TV-AM with, well quite frankly, there were so many presenters that I’ve lost count.

Do you remember the phrase, ‘I’m having a good lockdown?’

There are few things that surprise me in financial services, but the recent news from the FSCS that it is likely to issue an industry-wide levy of over £1bn for the 2021/22 year was undoubtedly a head-scratcher moment.

Ask and you shall get?

I’m a supporter of the ‘If you don’t ask, you don’t get,’ approach especially when it comes to business, and this is as relevant in the adviser market as anywhere else.

stamp duty

Rightmove has stated that around 100,000 new property buyers could face an unexpected stamp duty bill amid unprecedented delays ahead of the 31 March holiday cut-off date.