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Consulting with doctor Vida

Louisa Sedgwick is director of sales, mortgages, at Vida Homeloans Q: Dear Dr Vida, my client has moved to France for employment reasons. He originally lived in…

Unlike the government’s Brexit talks, things in the mortgage world move fast – not least when it comes to mortgage technology.

I think that the drawdown date of February 2018 will be extended. Why? Because we are not out of the woods yet and banks continue to need assistance.

The GDPR clock is ticking

Remember the potential implications are severe – a fine of up to 4% of annual turnover of the previous year for smaller firms.

Ray Boulger (pictured) is senior technical manager of John Charcol The changes to Stamp Duty Land Tax announced in the Budget for first-time buyers are…

Simon Brooks, lead originator at Investec Structured Property Finance, offers his thoughts on the upcoming Budget.

GDPR where context is king

As the industry begins to wake up to the new realities of how GDPR will affect the financial services sector, it is worth describing the context.

John Goodall (pictured) is chief executive of specialist buy-to-let lender Landbay As Budget day closes in, the rumour mill is in full swing. Is ‘Spreadsheet…

Boulger makes predictions ahead of Wednesday’s Autumn Budget

Budget blues

With Brexit looming and the Chancellor’s position looking precarious, I can’t see that we are in for a barnstorming performance.