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I bet you didn’t know that crest-tailed mulgara, a pocket-sized predator, once believed extinct, has now been rediscovered in the Australian outback?

As 2019 gets underway, and economic conditions continue to be uncertain, it is important for buy-to-let investors to be on top of the market and its changes.

Despite the pressures on house prices and wider market uncertainty, refurbishment provides plenty of opportunities for investors.

To ensure the continuing success of the sector we should start by celebrating the variety of home finance products on offer today.

My #tenyearschallenge

Paul Hunt is a marketing consultant I am sure you have seen by now thousands of posts showing now and then pictures as part of…

While Secure Trust Bank’s may not return to lending anytime soon, I’m led to believe that Fleet Mortgages is currently finalising a new funding line with a new product range to be launched before the end of the month.

There’s been a lot of discussion around Open Banking in the past year from all of the major banks, with lending being a focus point. As we look forward in 2019, we’ll see the continued progression of digitising the mortgage industry, particularly harnessing the latest technological advances from Open Banking.

A bird in the hand

Now is the time to start thinking about retention before you lose your clients for good and are unable to fill the hopper with new ones.

Stormy weather

The collapse of Amicus and retirement of Fleet and Secure Trust Bank from new business lending underline how fragile the mortgage industry is.

Once a decision has been reached over Brexit, I expect the overseas property market to have a more dramatic spurt.