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#Hunt: It’s in your hands

With lenders being more proactive on product transfers and greater competition from other brokers (especially the online players), can brokers really afford to let existing customers leak through their fingers?

A pride in protection

In the US, people are proud if they have a high amount insured as it means they are looking after themselves and their families and are not a burden on the state.

Essentially a credit score is an assessment of your credit worthiness and every lender bases their score on a different set of criteria.

Worryingly, the UK’s productivity continues to lag behind all major trading partners.

Some customers don’t want to pick up the phone and so why not make it easy for them to make initial contact?

This drop in activity was undoubtedly prompted by buyers being deterred by the higher cost of moving, a concern that has led to virtual paralysis in some segments of the housing market.

Introducing #Hunt

I aim to provide quick marketing tips, commentary on industry topics from a marketing standpoint .

Bridging in probate

Without bridging finance it would be very difficult to resolve the financial affairs that can be brought about in a deceased person’s will.

The number of times a transaction fails due (at least in part) to the delays in the post offer process is circa 20%. Something needs to change.

When the Monetary Policy Committee held interest rates in September no one was surprised.