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Over the last few years automation has impacted virtually every industry sector.

Mortgage fraud and COVID-19

Mortgage fraud has been a factor for many years, and fraudsters are constantly looking for new ways to expose systems.

A key driver going forward will not be the consumers of today but those rapidly coming up on the inside track and whose values will demand better behaviour. 

Autumn tips for advisers

The arrival of autumn often means wrapping up warm and welcoming cosy nights in, but the seasonal change is also a good opportunity for homeowners to make sure their homes are protected ahead of the cold and stormy months.

As we continue to adapt our daily lives in response to COVID-19, the property industry adapts too.

Distribution channels are constantly evolving to support dynamic market conditions and an increased focus on specialist and alternative financial solutions across a range of property-related transactions.

There is, I am sure, a more measured and professional way of saying this, but the stark fact of the matter is that the residential housing market in Scotland has gone nuts.

Essentially for some lenders at present – large, mainstream operators in a number of cases – self-employed borrowers are not welcome.

Between local lockdowns, ongoing overseas travel restrictions and the fact that COVID-cases are on the rise once more, the outlook for a holiday abroad seems even further out of reach.

The proposals set out by the FCA’s final consultation of GI pricing practices mean that existing customers will never pay more for their insurance than new customers.