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Every month we host an online poll on The Mortgage Lender website asking the industry to share its thoughts with us. Our latest question asks whether specialist is now considered as the norm? It’s a hot topic, but luckily, it’s one I also have an opinion on.

How tech could impact GI

Over the next six months I’m expecting to see a much greater focus on encouraging advisers to quote general insurance with every mortgage.

The general election was a distraction – and look how helpful that turned out to be for our economic prospects.

Phoney Brexit

Surveyors reflect the market they are not expected to make the market.

Hanging in the balance

I wish I could say that the uncertainty will blow over, taking the UK property market out of its current doldrums – unfortunately I can’t.

Lenders should stick to what they know and what they are good at.

Spain is indeed back on the radar of international investors.

Most economists concur that ending Britain’s huge under-investment would be one of the best moves.

An base rate increase back to 0.5% wouldn’t be too damaging and would signal to consumers that borrowing costs can’t be this low forever

Karen Bennett (pictured) is managing director of Shawbrook Commercial Mortgages The private rented sector (PRS), and in particular buy-to-let (BTL), is in a state of flux with…