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Yann Murciano Blend Network alternative finance

Having emerged after the global financial crisis, alternative finance is playing an increasingly central role in the mainstream financial ecosystem.

sdl surveying desktop valuation

We continue to work through our pipeline of cases before moving onto new business, and no-one can be 100% certain of what will come next.

In these difficult times, it can pay to see how other industries are reacting to the crisis to improve how we support our clients.

COVID-19 is sparking a technological transformation of those involved in the property market.

What advisers should be discussing with clients.

Craig McKinlay Kensington Mortgages

We are starting to see the first steps to a return to normal.

Jeff Knight Foundation Home Loans

I can’t help seeing the similarities between defensive midfielders of the 1990’s, early 2000’s and valuers.

Neal Jannels OMS

Look around you

We should always be learning from a variety of sectors.

Answering some of the most common questions around the market.

It seems that uncertainty has just fuelled an internal desire to be the master of one’s own destiny.